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Rules & Regulations

The students shall be abiding  by the following rules and conduct and also those which are enforced from time  to time.

  1. New Admission and University Requirement.
    • No new admission will be confirmed until unless full payment of prescribed fee has been made.
    • Students’ admission will be considered after receiving the eligibility certificate (if required), the student shall obtain their eligibility certificate from the university.
    • If original documents like mark sheet of the qualifying examination, migration certificate/transfer certificate, gap certificate etc. are not produced during the admission, the admission is liable to be cancelled.
    • The admission of a student will be for the whole course (as per the duration of the course).
  2. Schedule of Fee Payment
    • All the programmes have different fee structure which is mentioned in the fee structure.
    • The fee can be paid two or four installments as per their courses; the student should deposit the 1st installment at the time of admission & remaining installment on given dates.
    • In case of delay in fee deposition, a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be imposed.
    • The payment of fee, within time, is the responsibility of the guardians and the students themselves.
    • No payment of fee is considered valid without a proper receipt obtained from the college office.
    • The annual course fee of all the courses may be increased upto 10-20 % in next year.
  3. Fee Refund System
    • Fee refund rules are applicable on new admissions only.
    • In any case no student shall be entitled for the refunding of admission/registration fee, if he/she withdraw his/her admission.
    • Only 50% amount of the course fee will be refunded if the application is sought till 30th July.
    • After 30th July no fee will be refunded or adjusted in any condition.
  4. Identity card
    • Students are required to obtain their identity cards from the college office.
    • They have to carry their identity cards in college premises and on any of the related functions, sports, and group activities carried out by the institution inside or outside the college.
    • In case of loss of identity card, for issuing a duplicate identity card, students have to submit Rs. 200/- with their passport size photograph along with an application.
  5. College Uniform
    • All the students have to attend the college in the prescribed Dress Code.
    • In case, a student found without uniform he/she is liable to be fined by Rs. 50/- for the particular day.
    • No excuse or reason will be entertained in any circumstances.
  6. Library
    • Library facility is available for all the students of the college after depositing caution money.
    • College issues text books at the time of each semester/year which is to be returned within seven days after completion of written exams of their semester/year otherwise a fine of Rs 10/- per day will be imposed on delay.
    • If any student misplaces or damages the book, he/she will be liable to pay current price of the book and Rs. 100/-extra, as procurement charges.
    • Reference books will not be issued to the students, and can only be consulted in the Library itself.
  7. Laboratory
    • Student will have to pay the recovery or replacement, in addition to fine, if there is any damage or loss of college property/equipment’s/computers/articles/apparatus by unfair means.
    • Students should work under the guidance of the concerned faculty in the labs.
  8. Attendance
    • All the students have to attend all theory and practical classes compulsorily and regularly during the college hours.
    • Student will be terminated and no excuse will be entertained if the attendance is less than 75%. He/she will not be eligible to appear in the University examination according to the university norms.
    • Any student absent for more than seven consecutive days will have to inform the concerned head of the departments or the respective class teacher. If a student remains absent for 30 days his/her admission can be cancelled by the principal.
    • The percentage of the attendance shall directly be reflected in the internal assessment marks of the students.
    • All leave applications shall be submitted to the faculty in-charge of their department.
  9. Internal Assessment
    • There shall be three internal examinations in a semester/year.
    • Students have to pass in any of the two internal exams out of three.
    • If a student does not qualify in the internal examination with minimum prescribed marks they will be considered as fail in main exam.
  10. Students Progress Report
    • College releases students’ progress reports at regular intervals in a semester/year which are also available for the parents/guardians.
    • Guardians must visit the college at least thrice in a year to take report of the student’s performance.
  11. University Enrollment & Exam
    • For enrollment in University, students can collect & submit the form from the college counter on a given date along with requisite fee and after that late fee  will be imposed as per the university or they can enroll themselves from the University itself.
    • The examination form can be obtained from college counter and have to be submitted with the requisite examination fee to the college office on or before last date. After the last date, late fee will be charged as per the university.
  12. Games & Sports
    • Students shall participate in games and sports activities as per schedule.
    • Sports officer has authority for the selection of students for various individual and team events.
    • Fine will be charged if any sports material is lost or damaged by the students.
  13. College Leaving Certificate
    • College leaving certificate will be issued after completion of the course along with their final mark sheet with an application.
    • Only due to failure in academics, College Leaving Certificate may be issued after 1st or 2nd academic session. In Case student want to withdraw their admission in between course application can be submitted before 31st July and after that candidate is liable to pay the fee of that year.
    • Application for issuing College Leaving Certificate will be accepted throughout the year in case of successful completion of course.
    • College leaving certificate will be issued only when the student have deposited the fee of the selected course for the whole session.
    • Application of College Leaving Certificate will be considered only in case of parents transfer in between course.
    • Duplicate CLC will be issued only after submitting it’s fee of Rs. 1000/-.
  14. Code of Conduct
    • The students are advised to maintain the decorum and dignity of the college by not indulging in heinous acts.
    • If a student found creating indiscipline with the faculty/guest faculty/co-learners/anyone inside or outside the campus, the head of the institution can punish according to the nature of the offense.
    • No students are supposed to participate in any kind of strike or agitation. They can’t form any union or association.  If anybody found guilty of doing so, a strict action can be taken including expulsion from the college.
    • Smoking/Alcohol/Chewing of tobacco/use of mobile phone or any other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the campus. A fine of Rs. 200/- will be imposed on student if found guilty.
    • College management reserves the final right to take disciplinary action against the defaulter.
    • All disputes are subjected to Gwalior jurisdiction only.
  15. Bus Card
    • Bus card will be issued to all the students who deposit bus fee.
    • Each student should carry the bus card daily to avail the facility of bus uninterrupted.
    • If the bus card of the student is lost he can get a duplicate bus card by paying Rs. 200/-